Financial & operational decision Support for Businesses in Australia | SAKS Finance Services

Decision Support

SAKS FS outsourced team will help you to prepare your budgets, pricing, costings and track any financial and operational matrix and provide Financial and Operational decision support to improve your profitability. Our team at SAKS is a qualified & experienced offshore team that is experienced across many industries within the AU framework to ensure compliance.

Monthly Analysis of Performance

  • Analyse your monthly financials to provide business insights by comparing your company performance with the budgets, historical performance and with industry trends
  • Prepare your board reports and MIS reports with insightful analysis enabling the management decision making process faster and better

Spotlight Reporting

  • Develop and generate Spotlight reports based on your requirement. Spotlight will extract information from your system and provide you with a statistical and graphical presentation for your data. We will help you to produce and articulate the results based on Spotlight reports

Preparation of Budgets

  • Assist with planning by preparing annual / bi-annual / quarterly budgets for your business

Role Based Dashboards

  • Create dynamic dashboards based on your requirement

P/L and Cash Flow Forecasts

  • Financial projections to plan out your future business activities and help you to be proactive and geared to face the up coming opportunities and challenges

KPI Matrix Development, Tracking and Reporting

  • Develop and track key financial indicators in your business enabling you to identify the inefficiencies, leakages and make corrective actions

Product & Service - Costing/Pricing

  • Assist with valuation of your offering to secure you the appropriate margins

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