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Credit Risk Management Solutions

What We Do

  • Identification of industry according to the ANZSIC classification by studying company Annual Reports
  • Standardizing financial data based on the industry classification
  • Preparing financial reports in the required standardized format
  • Creating company ID in the Risk D analytical platform and inputting prepared financial information
  • Offering financial reports based on trends, ratios, graphs, and AI-based analytics provided by the RiskD system.
  • SAKS Financial analysis team provides the following services to Clients in terms of credit risk assessments.
  • Analysing the financial statements to identify the Key performance indicators base the industry.
  • Reproduction of Financial statements based on Clients standard format
  • Identification of the Key ratios in terms of Profitability, Liquidity, Gearing and leverage based on the industry and client requirement.
  • Performance of ratio analysis to arrive at key indicators to determine company performance
  • Financial Risk report writing base on industry and clients guidelines
  • Updating the financial information on clients' portal with the latest annual accounts through web search and Asic orders.

A selection of market needs covered by SAKS Financial Services

  • Supplier & Procurement Management

    We help assess the suppliers and mitigate the risk of choosing suppliers or contractors who are likely to face financial strife leading to supply disruptions or unfinished contracts.
  • Trade Credit Management

    We offer guidance in deciding the ideal credit limits of your customers by gathering the relevant financial information and analyzing their financial performance.
  • Public Sector Service

    We help you find partners with the required financial strength to compete in public sector contracts.
  • Research Collaborations

    We collaborate with research institutions and universities by providing data on both public and private sector organizations.

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