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BAS & IAS Tax Lodgments

SAKS Financial Services qualified & experienced team are competent with BAS & IAS tax lodgment requirements and can ensure ATO compliance in Australia, helping our clients focus on their core services.

BAS Tax Lodgment Services

  • Keep a tab on due dates in advance
  • Remind DIY clients to complete the reconciliations by every quarter
  • Clarify all open queries with regard to transactions that unable to be reconciled
  • Review GST allocations of DIY clients
  • Finalizing quarterly reconciliations and sending final BAS figures to clients to get signed declaration for lodgment approval
  • Lodgment of BAS

IAS Tax Lodgment Services

  • Remind DIY to send the payroll figures for the month and approval to lodge on behalf of the client
  • For SAKS payroll clients finalizing payroll
  • Sending IAS payable amount with due date to get approval for lodgment

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