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SAKS Financial Services offers a team of accountants and book-keepers catering to businesses across industries, including accounting firms, SMEs, and financial advisers in Australia. The flexible and cost-effective accounting, bookkeeping, and credit risk reporting services will enable faster business growth through collective and holistic finance expertise.

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SAKS Financial Services equips you to extend your team for growth, keeping to the latest data security protocols, with ISO 27001 offering you qualified and skilled professionals in Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, BAS/IAS lodgements, Payroll, Decision Support, Financial Modeling, VCFO and Paraplanning

Customize your team, as per your requirement

The benefits of offshore business book-keeping and accounting services

  • We can reduce your service costs by 40-50% by increasing your efficiency
  • We are a one-stop solution for all of your business accounting, book-keeping, credit risk report needs
  • You will have a dedicated team working to your timetable
  • Focus on your core business growth and delegate all accounting related tasks to us
  • We have fully qualified and experienced professionals with AU know-how, who will provide the best accounting and book-keeping services in Australia
  • You can tailor our services and prices to the exact needs of your business
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Our clients are our strength

We take pride in the growth of our clients.


Active clients


Industries served


BASes/IASes per year

We are flexible

Our bespoke solutions address your requirements

We are experts

Our staff hold CIMA, ACCA, CA, and CFA qualifications

We are accurate

Our efficient working methods ensure precise results

We are transparent

Our performance-tracking tools give you direct oversight - and comfort

Data security

SAKS Financial Services treats your confidential information with utmost care, backed by our ISO 27001 certification for our practices in data security and confidentiality. The certification provides independent, internationally-recognised, and demanding tests of crucial areas such as infrastructure requirements, asset classification, network security, and IT processes.


"SAKS team’s focus to providing a high-quality service right from the first date of our engagement has been exceptional. The flexibility approach along with their team’s diligence and breadth of knowledge has helped us deliver quality and seamless service our clients "

- Model Citizn Australia

“SAKS plays a significant role in helping us to scale our business by providing excellent talent for our Financial Modelling and Power BI projects. The team has been exceptional in catering to our dynamic requirements with a high level of commitment, accountability, and communications”

- Credit Source Australia

“Saks has been extremely professional and responsive to our staffing needs, we have found our best staff members and they have enabled our business to scale”

- GSD BPO Australia

We are International

The team of SAKS Financial Services consists of qualified professionals who serve clients in Australia and the UK with accounting, book-keeping, and credit risk reporting services.


United Kingdom

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